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C & R Pipe And Steel in Fairbanks, Alaska is the largest pipe distibutor in Alaska. When you choose us, you choose access to 7,500 tons of steel pipe supply in our inventory.

We offer new and used pipe, structural pipe, pilings, well casing pipe, bollards, steel posts, culverts and more! We supply the steel pipe products you need at competitive prices.

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We offer a comprehensive range of steel pipe products and services, including welded pipe, seamless pipe, ERW & DSAW, spiral weld pipe, low temp, black, galvanized pipe, T&C, cutting, splicing and beveling. Based on your specifications, our steel piping sales specialists in Fairbanks can help you find new and used pipe, structural pipe, pilings, well casting pipe, bollards and steel posts.


If it’s steel pipe fittings and flanges you’re searching for, search no further! Our lot in Alaska carries weld neck flanges, slip-on flanges, blind flanges, threaded flanges, socket weld flanges, 90-degree elbows, 45-degree elbows, weld caps, weld-on T’s and concentric and eccentric reducers.


In addition to steel piping, flanges and fittings, we also offer a number of culvert piping, accessory pipe products and services, including:

  • Galvanized lockseam culvert pipe 8” – 48” diameter
  • Galvanized culvert bands, dimple and annular
  • Galvanized flared end sections
  • Galvanized window wells
  • Carsonite culvert markers

Many pipe sizes are available for special order.

We have all the Alaska pipe products you’ll ever need. Call 907-456-8386 today.


Grade C (Max) Mn (Max) Ys (Min) Ts (Min)
Grade A .25 .95 30,000 48,000
Grade B .30 1.20 35,000 60,000

Chemical and Mechanical. Seamless. Welded. Size range: 1/8″-26″ O.D.

Grade Ys (Min) Ts (Min)
Grade 1 30,000 50,000
Grade 2 35,000 60,000
Grade C 45,000 66,000

Seamless. Welded. Size range: 2 3/8″-60″

Grade C (Max) Mn S1 (Min) Ys (Min) Ts (Min) Elong (Min)
Grade A .25 .27/.93 .10 30,000 48,000 28
Grade B .30 .29/1.06 .10 35,000 40,000 22
Grade C .35 .29/1.06 .10 40,000 70,000 20

Seamless carbon steel pipe for high temperature service. Hydrostatic Tested. Chemical and Mechanical.

Size range: 1/8″-30″ O.D.

Grade C (Max) Mn S1 (Min) Nl Cu(Min) Ys (Min) Ts (Min) Elong (Min)
Grade 1 .30 .40/1.06 N/S 30,000 55,000 28
Grade 6 .30 .29/1.06 .10 35,000 60,000 22
Grade 9 .20 .40/1.06 N/S 1.60/2.24 .75/1.25 46,000 63,000 28

CHappy Impact Test

Grade 1 -50F MinValue: 10 Ft.Lbs.: Avg 3 Tests: 13
Grade 6 -50F MinValue: 10 Ft.Lbs.: Avg 3 Tests: 13
Grade 9 -100F MinValue: 10 Ft.Lbs.: Avg 3 Tests: 13

Chemical and Mechanical.

Seamless C (Max) Mn (Max) Cb (Min) Vs (Min) Ti (Min) Ys (Min) Ts (Min)
Grade X-42 .29 1.25 42,000 60,000
Grade X-46 .30 1.35 46,000 63,000
Grade X-52 .20 1.35 52,000 72,000
Welded C (Max) Mn (Max) Cb (Min) Vs (Min) Ti (Min) Ys (Min) Ts (Min)
Grade X-42 .26 1.25 42,000 60,000
Grade X-46 .30 1.35 46,000 63,000
Grade X-52 .30 1.35 52,000 72,000
Grade X-60 .26 1.35 0.005 0.02 0.03 60,000 78,000

High Test Line Pipe. Seamless and welded. Chemical and Mechanical.

Size Range: 2 3/8″-60″


Largest Alaska Steel Yard

We have a large stock of high quality used pipe and pile. There are many grades available. As well as high strength pipe and pile which is useful for driving into difficult ground.

Here are some of the benefits of used pipe

  • #1  Quality pipe and pile
  • Save up to 50% in costs compared to new
  • High strength steel ideal for multiple uses
  • Large selection, sizes ranging from 3 1/5″-24″

Save money with high quality used steel pipe.
Call us at 907-456-8386 to learn more.

How to Order Steel Pipe

When you buy steel pipe you will need to know some specifics about the type of pipe you need. This includes knowing the pipe grade and size. Here is some information to help you purchase the right steel pipe for your project.

But first, let’s clear up some terminology. Many people use the words “pipe” and “tube” interchangeably. But there is a difference. Pipe is used to transfer fluids, gases and air. Tube is used for structural purposes. Theoretically, you could use pipe in place of a tube, but not the other way around.

Steel Pipe Sizing

Pipe has an inner diameter (ID), outer diameter (OD) and a wall thickness (SCH).

ID and OD are measured in inches.

Wall thickness uses the industry standard of SCH, or schedule. The two most common SCH’s are schedule 40 and schedule 80. The higher the schedule number the thicker the wall thickness. It is important to note that the schedule number may be the same for different size pipes, but the actual wall thickness will be different. For example:

  • 1” Schedule 40 pipe = wall thickness .113”
  • 2” Schedule 40 pipe = wall thickness . 145”
  • 1” Schedule 80 pipe = wall thickness .179”
  • 2” Schedule 80 pipe = wall thichness . 218”

Here is a chart to help you understand the relationship between wall thickness and pipe size.

Pipe Schedule Chart

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Nominal Pipe Size

When someone orders 3” pipe they are referring to “nominal pipe size” (NPS). In this case, the NPS is the approximate inner diameter (ID) of the pipe. Two things to note here:

  1. The inner diameter of 3” pipe will change based on the schedule number.
  2. The outside diameter of 3” pipe (which is actually 3.5”) will always be the same.

Take a close at the chart above and you will see that 3” NPS has an outer diameter of 3.5”, but the inner diameter changes based on the schedule size.

This is where the term “nominal” comes in. Nominal means “in name only”. So a 3” pipe is not always 3” in ID. But is still called “3-inch pipe” in name only.

Important note: Nominal pipe size refers to the approximate inner diameter (ID) of all pipe 12” or smaller. On pipes larger than 12” the NPS refers to the outer diameter (OD) of the pipe.

Seamless vs. Welded Pipe

Seamless pipe is extruded from a billet and has increased ability to withstand pressure.

Welded pipe is produced from a strip, rolled into a tube and welded together. ERW (Electric Resistance Weld) pipes are common types of welded piping.

Seamless pipes are superior in strength, but advances in weld have improved the strength of welded pipe seams considerably. Contact us if you are unsure of which type of pipe to order for your project.

Pipe Grade

Steel has a complex mix of chemical and physical properties. The mix of these properties determines the mechanical properties of the steel (such as minimum yield and tensile strength).

It is the mechanical properties that determine the grade of the steel. Use the tabs below to help you determine the grade of pipe you need for your project.

Get the Grade you Need

We sell Common ASTM Grades (Welded–A53, A252, A500 and Seamless–A106, A333) and Common API Grades (Welded & Seamless–5lb, 5l, X42-X70 Pipe Thicknesses through–2″, Pipe Diameter 3/8”– 60″). Please note that many grades and sizes are available for special order.

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