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50 acres of steel inventory in Alaska

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Our 50-acre inventory includes

Angles: Equal leg angles, unequal leg angles
Angle Size Chart
Beams: Wide flange, standard I beams, H pile beams
Beam Size Chart
Channels: Standard channel, junior channel, MC channel
Channel Size Chart
Grating: Bar grating, grip strut channel
Grating Size Chart
Hot Rolled Bars: flat bar, UM plate, solid round, solid square, pin stock (cold rolled and grade 4140)
Flat Bar | Solid Bar
Pipe: See our pipe page for more information
See Our Pipe Page
Tubing: Square tube, rectangular tube, round tube (mechanical/shelby/DOM)
Rectangular | Round | Square
Sheet Steel: 10 gauge – 16 Gauge
Sheet Steel Size Chart
Plate Steel: Sizes from 3/16” – 3”, many widths and lengths available, A36 plate, AR 400 plate, A572 low temp, T-1 plate, expanded metal, diamond / floor plate
Plate Steel Size Chart
Rebar: Rebar sizes #3 – #10, rebar fabrication (corners, J’s, L’s, ties, squares and hoops), take off/detailing, services, welded wire mesh, tie wire/loop ties
Rebar Size Chart

C & R Pipe and Steel provides a wide range of steel products. Call 907-456-8386.

Our Steel Product Details

angle steel


Steel products that have been rolled to a 90-degree angle with equal sides or “legs” is called Angle Steel, and is used for general structural support to reinforce frames and corners. Angle Steel can be used for general purposes in trucks, machinery, booms, and other uses where a strong reinforcement is needed. You can tell the if the angle is equal if the legs of the angle are the same length.


Steel products that have been rolled into a 90-degree angle with unequal sides or “legs” is used often in municipal and military industries for structural use in frames, beams and other general purposes. The legs of the piece are not equal, making the use highly customizable.

Steel Beams
steel beam

Wide Flange

The Wide flange option looks similar to the H Pile beam, however Wide flange are usually rectangular in shape. They are used for reinforcing structures through cross bracing, can be used in the soil and in retaining walls.

Standard I Beams

Similar to the H Pile, I Beams are less stocky and are primarily used in steel framed buildings.

H Pile Beams

H Beams are designed to look like the letter “H” and are always square, giving the beam equal weight and thickness.

Sheet Metal
Sheet Metal

Sheet Steel

Sheet steel or sheet metal can be used in a variety of ways by cutting or bending the material into the size and shape needed for your project. Talk to the experienced professionals at CR Pipe and Steel to find the correct gauge and shape for your project needs.

Hot Rolled Steel

Hot Rolled Bars

A common name with wide uses, steel bars include Square, Round, Rebar, Flat and UM Bar.

Flat Steel Bar

A highly functional and widely used material, flat steel bars are easy to work into your custom project needs. Consider using flat steel bars for machinery and agricultural uses, general fabrication and repairs for maintenance, braces, supports, frames, plates and straps.

Square Bar

A popular option for industrial use is a steel square bar because of the flexibility it offers. Easy to weld and form into customizable sizes and shapes, this product is ideal for general applications and fabrication.

UM Plate is a strip of plate between the widths of 9” and 12”. These flats are used for general industrial fabrication and repair.

Solid Round

Raw steel material used to shape components and products from cylindrically shaped bars.

Steel Grating
steel grating


Used as a safety precaution, diamond-grip grating creates a non-skid surface as walkways, mezzanines and stairs. The name comes from the process of making the material, where a hole is formed on the walking surface using diamond shaped openings with serrated ridges to increase traction. It is available in several widths and depths.

Expanded Metal Grating

Most commonly used for catwalks, this metal is made with a thick sheet, and is an excellent option for jobs needing secure footing and easy cleaning.

Welded Bar Grating

Reinforced metal grating looks like a series of rectangles that are available in several shapes and sizes. Welded Bar Grating is considered the gold standard for quality cost, material and applicability.

Steel Channel

Standard Channel

This steel product is made with a flat base and two 90-degree sides that look like a football goal post, or a “C” on its side. The American Standard is approximately 16-2/3% slope on the inside surface and can be used as structural framework or support for a number of uses, including trailers, bridges and buildings, among others.

Junior Channel

The close cousin to the standard channel, the appearance of this steel product is the same, however, the Junior channel is typically lighter for use in lightweight structures.

Miscellaneous Channel

Occasionally, channels are needed that do not meet the requirements of a standard or junior channel. This is where the miscellaneous channel is needed. The structure looks the same as the others, however the dimensions are not specific.

Expanded Metal
expanded metal

Raised Expanded Metal & Regular Expanded Metal

Resembling a grate, this metal has been stretched and slit with diamond cutouts to promote a lightweight metal option that provides a decorative or ornamental option with free passage of light, sound, fluid and air. Applications include security, flooring, shelving and window protection. Several materials are available, including carbon, aluminum and stainless and galvanized steel.

Flattened Expanded Metal

Using raised expanded metal, this material is flattened through a rolling mill for a smooth and flat surface that is smaller and weighs less.



Common to reinforce concrete and masonry structures, rebar has been used since the 15th Century. It’s round bar typically has a ribbed texture used to grip material strengthening a structure’s construction.

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